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The Reason For This Blog


God bless the broken road.

We all have broken roads. Everyone has gone down some type of path where they have hit a dead end–a brick wall, a roadblock. This is the point at which God does not what you to stray down that path any longer. The point when He says, “this is not what I had planned for you.” This is the time He has orchestrated in our life to powerfully pull us toward Him. This brick wall in life prompts us to one of two things–we can either claim defeat and set up camp at the dead end and let ourselves waste away, or we can take God’s hand and let Him guide us back down the road and lead us onto a new path.

This blog is simply a road-map of my life. A map of my fruitful paths and of my broken roads. A physical display of my thoughts, feelings, challenges, and fears. A magnificent representation of my agony in disappointment, my joy from The Lord, my growth through trials, and my reflection through it all.

I have absolutely no doubt that God, the Father,  the Creator of the universe, the Prince of peace, the Savior, is at work in my broken life. He takes all things and makes them beautiful in His time. He pulls us to Him through our sufferings. He teaches us through our mistakes. He strengthens our trust in Him during our trials. He loves us through it ALL.

When God closes one door, He opens up a different one.
When God places an ending to one path, He has a much more fruitful plan in mind.

I pray that God strengthens all His children and gives them His joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that even though we don’t know the way (His way), we can rest comfortably in His arms and trust in His promises.
To Him be the glory forever and ever.
In Jesus’ Holy Name,


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