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About Bethany

Hi, I’m Bee
I have a story.

If you’d like to know me better, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Bethany’s Top Ten Loves:
1. Jesus (my Savior, King, and best friend)
2. Husband (who is loving, supportive, and honest)
3. Family and Friends (who are genuine, fun, and kind)
4. Exercise & Sports (there is no better stress reliever)
5. Art (photography and painting)
6. Nature (sunshine, flowers, and hiking)
7. Science (I love learning about the human body)
8. Reading (mainly the Bible and devotionals)
9. Music (accompanied by dancing and singing)
10. Games (card, board, outdoor…you name it)

Relationship Status: Married to my best friend (9/15/12) ❤
Education Level:Currently holding an A.A degree and a B.S in Clinical Physiology. Planning on going to graduate school to get my M.S. in Physician’s Assisting.
Life Goals: Travel, live in a different country/multiple states, practice medicine in a third world country, be a good wife and mother, bring God the glory He deserves, learn how to cook well, and be an inspiration to someone.


As my blog is all about a journey, here are my words to anyone who is hurting, lost, or confused:

“A broken and abandoned heart sure gives God a lot to heal, an anxious and fearful mind sure gives God a lot to comfort, and a shattered and destroyed future sure gives God a lot to rebuild.” Bethany Clement Woodman

Have faith.


One thought on “About Bethany

  1. Hi Bee, what a wonderful page of you, I love how you expressed about you and God. You are an amazing,wonderful,smart and most of all BEAUTIFUL from the inside to the outside. You are a delight and a ray of sunshine woman of our Creator!

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