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All I ever wanted is to live.

All I really feel like saying is how life is passing me by way to fast.
That every day I wake up just to go to sleep at night and wait for another day to end and for another to begin.
Not anymore.

It’s incorrect to say that life is perfect, or that it ever will be.
My mistakes and imperfections are what make me who i am.
I wouldn’t change a single thing I’ve done.
Life is proving to be shorter than I thought.
I need something worth living for.
And I have.

I gave up trying to figure my life out.
God leads me where i’m supposed to be, and I like it that way.
I guess the last thing I really have to say is, I wish I could smile more.
I wish life was one big hug.
I love hugs.

I have come across some really amazing people in my years.
Some of them didn’t live up to what I wanted of them and others exceeded their expectations.
But no matter who they were, in some moment they impacted my life, good or bad.
Some of them stuck around and others bailed out.

For the people who are here and will fight it out til the end, this is for you.
For the people who used to be here but just couldn’t be anymore, I miss you.
And for those who just shrunk away into the corners of the universe, I’ll never ever forget you.

I wouldn’t trade any memory with any one person, for the entire world.

I could say something on here that meant something, maybe something profound, interesting.
But I’d need someone important to remember it?

I could say a lot of things that I thought were important.
But I’d need it to be important to someone else.

Gosh, I just want to L I V E!


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