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There comes a point in time
When all you can do is push yourself on.
Far away from anything you recognize,
Away from things you used to want,
And toward new beginnings.

The past remains behind you,
You say goodbye to people,
People you used to love and care for.

You’ll eventually forget memories,
That reminded you of the past,
That at one point in time,
Was the happiest present,
You could have ever dreamed of.

People leave you,
People break you,
And memories fade.

As we grow up and move on,
Toward the new beginnings,
We must remember what brought us where we are now,
And trust that,
We’ll meet new people,
Love new lovers,
Hate new enemies,
And ultimately make new memories.

Overtime we’ll have a book in our hearts,
All full up with only the most worthy of memories.
The ones that took our breath away.
The ones we’ll cherish, and protect in a hearts forever.

Life is so short.
One day you are starting a new journey,
And the next moment it’s over.

You have to love yourself,
Take chances, make changes, embrace opportunity
And spend your time with the people who make you happy.

Don’t dwell on the past,
For it has come and it has gone.
You never know when the ending is,
And you sure won’t know why.
So make the most of your life,
Be a free spirit,
And hold onto what you’ve got.
Don’t waste a breath on regret.

Laugh a little too much,
Smile until your mouth hurts,
Cry when necessary,
Love and lose
Sing so loud that you’re out of key,
Dance harder,
Love deeper,
Live longer.

And do all this with the people who make your life worth living
OCTOBER 29, 2007


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